A remarkable acoustic optimized school project. Through professional consultation by Delhom acoustique the classrooms and corridors have large sound absorbing surfaces. Besides the ceiling, at least 1 wall was made with vitAcoustic wall absorbers.

Nicely integrated in the overall bamboo design by gmp · International GmbH (Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner).

The target was, that the kids can calm down and concentrate better in a quite and sound optimized acoustic environment. Whoever will visit this school will hear the difference and will want to sit down for a while and relax.

This project has been a challenge for our teams, because of the very very short delivery time for 3 floors, 30x classrooms with corridor and classroom inbuilt furniture, receptions desks, library, kitchen furniture, water dispenser, acoustic flower pots in PAC and much more.

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5 years after the furnishing of Jungheinrichs new factory, Vital-Office is again the supplier for Jungheinrichs new HQ and SO. Green bamboo desks are chosen again. Rectangular desk tops with height adjustable bases are added new. And the ergonomic saddle like WEY-chair was choosen again, but in 3rd generation technique and design. Electric installation and plug-in possibilities from top of table and from below table top was a special concern. Acoustic partitions are especially made for height adjustable stand-up desks. The acoustic panel is lifted always by the highest table top. This ensures, that all sticky notes on the screens are always available to the users on both sides.

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Bambus Green Office als wertige Ergänzung

Eine wertige Ergänzung zur bereits bestehenden vielseitigen Produkt- und Materialpalette ist das Bambus Green Office. 

In Bezug auf nachhaltige Holzwirtschaft und Wohlfühlbüros finden wir Bambus überaus attraktiv. Bambus ist geradezu ein Musterbeispiel für Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltverträglichkeit, so hart wie deutsche Eiche und ästhetisch ansprechend. Als vor einigen Jahren Dipl.-Ing., Architekt Thomas Meyer, (Architekt und Feng Shui Berater www.thomas-meyer.de) Bambus in seinen Projekten einsetzten wollte, waren wir überrascht, mit welchem Engagement er dieses Material und dessen herausragenden FengShui Eigenschaften gepriesen hat. So analysierten wir das Material, wie wir das mit allen Feng Shui Empfehlungen tun, nach wissenschaftlich fundierten Fakten, mit dem Ergebnis, dass wir Bambus in unser Sortiment aufgenommen und in vielen großen und kleinen Projekten eingesetzt haben. Das Erreichen der Zielsetzung: "engagierten Mitarbeiter nachhaltig sichtbar mehr Wertschätzung entgegen zu bringen", wurde uns vielfach als erfolgreich bestätigt.

Im Frühjar 2015 haben wir ein schönes Projekt fertiggestellt. Für eine Firma, bei der gute Arbeit mit Holz eine besondere Bedeutung hat. Die Aumann Firmengruppe, bestehend u.A. aus Aumann Holzbau und ASTA Holzwerk (www.aumann-haus.de) errichtete ein modernes Bürogebäude in eigener Holzbauweise nach neuesten Energiespar Möglichkeiten und unter Berücksichtigung architektonisch stilgerechtem Feng Shui. Frau Barbara Jurk (Freie Innenarchitektin, Feng Shui & Geomantie Consultant barbara-jurk.com) realisierte das ausgewogene Wohlfühlambiente mit Vital-Office Büromöbel.



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Kärcher is a leading cleaning global brand. It provides the top-class cleaning facilities and cleaning solutions for business, public industries and home. It is the largest production center in Asian-Pacific market of Kaercher. (www.kaercher.cn) Vital-Office provides a system office planning and equipment for Kaercher Changshu factory in a healthy and modern style.

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Artundweise, an agency for web design and application development, needed to relocate in a more modern office building and Vital-Office was hired to plan their new creative work environment.
Rather than planning a standard open space office, Vital-Office analyzed fundamental ergonomic principles and their correlations to health, vitality and motivation.

Leading to a holistic ergonomic concept which included:

  • architectural design and room partitioning,
  • healthy light installation,
  • sound absorbing acoustic panels and
  • height adjustable desk with ecological and healthy tops out of bamboo hard wood.

Question: How do the coworkers accept the new office concept?
"Dear Mr. Jordan,
I have the impression, very very well. It is a well-being office. Not only the coworkers - all who have to do something with (land-lord, construction team, phone company, and much more) are emphasized, astonished and inspired.
The whole office is exceptional and outrages between the other offices. It is therefore taken as reference by the land-lord (Grosse) for other lofts which are still open to rent.
Best regards" Gerlinde Jones, artundweise GmbH, Agentur für digitale Kommunikation Konsul-Schmidt-Str. 8L, 28217 Bremen

 Customer: artundweise GmbH, Agentur für digitale Kommunikation Konsul-Schmidt-Str. 8L, 28217 Bremen
 Link: http://www.artundweise.de
 Industry: Medien, IT
 Building: Büro
 Workplaces: >50
 Type: programming and standard office work
 Vision: Feng-Shui, Ergonomics, attractiveness, appreciation and feel-good environment
 Planning and Design: Vital-Office

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Jungheinrich Qingpu, a 38.000 m2 campus with more than 100 workplaces using Vital-Office furniture, height adjustable desks, new ergonomic saddle like WEY-chair, cabinets, conference tables, reception, cantine and hotel guest room

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PLUS Design | Jungheinrich Qingpu, a 38.000 m2 campus with more than 100 workplaces using Vital-Office furniture

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PLUS Design | Jungheinrich Qingpu, a 38.000 m2 campus, heated purely on geothermal energy. Around Shanghai, heating and cooling is usually done by air conditioning. The indoor unit provides (hopefully) the required comfort; while the outdoor unit exchanges heat with the outdoor air. In winter, this outdoor air temperature drops well below 0° in winter, while reaching 40° in summer… What if we have this outdoor unit exchange with water running trough an underground-buried pipe instead? Experience learns this water temperature does not drop below 10°, or go over 30°… sounds better!

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