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Office planning - Representative large-scale project

A representative open-plan office planning project shows how a pleasant feel-good (open-plan) office can be created by intelligently nesting Vital-Office workstations despite the limited space available. A corresponding choice of wall colors allows our bamboo surfaces to appear in a new atmosphere. A very nice, representative project in which our entire planning know-how could be used and its implementation was extremely interesting.

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Written by 20 2月 2022 - 02:05:49

The planning:

It was hard to fit all required people in the open space. But we did it and the concept is really good. The corridors are wider due to security reason. (In original planning with rectangular tables the corridors are too small. They are only 600mm wide. This is actually not possible due to security reasons. Imagine 96 people need escape with so small corridors.) You now have large table top plus the HIGH 3d cabinet with 2 floor storage for binders PLUS a personal drawer lockable. The 3d high cabinet fits perfect to the height adjustable desks. Good for stand-up, communication at workplace and privacy. Desk size is same as Optima, which we furnished in Jiading (Shanghai). The one wall is with sample design with vitAcoustic 3d frames including real green natural moss elements. They reduce the echo and the green wall parts foster a natural climate.



Ein repräsentatives Büroplanungs Projekt in China zeigt auf, wie man durch intelligente Verschachtelung von Vital-Office Arbeitsplätzen trotz engen Platzverhältnissen ein angenehmes

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Die Natur begeistert uns. Doch wie bekommen wir diese Inspiration, die wir in der Natur erleben in das Büro?

Vital Office hat es sich

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Nature is stimulating us. But how can we get this inspiration, which we experience in nature, into our offices?

Vital-Office design

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Vital-Office_OpenSpacePlanning_Chinese - 办公空间设计---

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