ActiveLifeTrainer for Physical Therapy, Rehab, & Fitness Use - Professional Exercise Machine: Use Instead of a Mini-Bike, Deskbike, Mini-Ergometer, Stepper, or Mini Elliptical Bike

ActiveLifeTrainer - Installation and Setup

Congratulations on your purchase of activeLife TrainerTM1!

Before you begin to use your new Active Motion Seating Machine, please unpack and assemble it. Then you’re ready to place it in a convenient location under your desk and / or in front of an armchair or other chair. For your safety and enjoyment, please be sure to read, follow, and understand all the instructions in this manual.

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How to Assemble your activeLife TrainerTM :

Please download the manual in your language from downloads available below


The device is seen on the phone via Bluetooth. Connection is rejected. It doesn't even come to a password entry.


ActiveLife Trainer builds a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connection, not a Bluetooth connection. They have nothing in common except for the name "Bluetooth". In order to be able to enter BLE connections, the mobile phone, tablet, bracelet etc. must be BLE 4.1. This is the case with the following devices: + iphone 4s or newer + ipad 3rd generation or newer + ipod Touch (5th generation or newer) + Android 4.3 or newer + Newer versions of MS Windows, Linux, etc. + TomTom Spark 3

You will also find further details in the instructions for use which are enclosed with the device.

Unlike Bluetooth connections, BLE connections are always switched via an app. Of course, both can only be switched if the Bluetooth function is switched on on the phone. In order to connect to the ActiveLife trainer, you would first need to load an appropriate app on your mobile phone, tablet, etc. BAT can be used for all apps that conform to the international BLE standard for the transmission of bicycle data. This is the case for example at the Wahoo Fitness app, we currently recommend the Cateye Cycling app. Both are free.

After installing the app, the BLE connection to the ActiveLife trainer should be easy to manufacture.


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