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How to achieve Efficiency and Creativity?

Each company, each entrepreneur, managing director, sector or department manager endeavours to be successful with his employees. Motivation techniques should ensure that all the employees, in a good mood, thinking positively and with a smile on their faces act better than the competitor. But what really is THE decisive factor for success?

The key word here is creativity. Creativity is important for a healthy office and a healthy organization. Creative employees who contribute intuitively respond better and faster to challenges in their jobs and are therefore more successful.

By contrast, employees who in a virtuously perfect manner act based only what they are told are less able to react to changes and ultimately fail in attempts to compete. Virtuosity is the opposite of creativity. There are other important factors beyond how thoroughly you have learned your job. Your authentic and self-generated expression is important.



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"Firstly, I had to learn again how to do nothing and think nothing."

When I started with the topic of creativity in my seminars in 2003 the concept was totally unknown in the office sector. The straight track prevailed in the office. Reduction to rectangular tables with  4-feet frames was the non plus ultra of the modern ergonomic office environment. The simplest design was in vogue. Vital factors by means of items such as round furniture were only smiled at. Likewise, diversity in form or color was absolutely frowned upon.

In view of the economic crisis at the time general uncertainty developed about future living conditions. Many jobs which even years previously were regarded as absolutely secure were now suddenly no longer safe. The idea was that this uncertainty could only be met by reduction to minimal forms and colors in the surroundings at home and in the workplace. Otherwise, people would virtually go mad. If at home everything is round and colorful, as in nature, and, at the same time, proven model concepts of living are no longer certain, where should you find security? Back to an earlier proven model concept would not be so bad after all. Therefore, everything became simple, monotonous, sharp-edged and angular. Like in grandfather’s day. Order ruled. And is order, just like nature, round and colorful? Um, no, it is sharp-edged and angular, white and black!?

Strange. Unlike our grandfathers, do we not see nature as the perfect system of order? Something is not quite right here.

I was lucky in 2003 to escape from the treadmill of stress during that summer of the century. My doctor sent me to a health resort, I took a step back in my job and suddenly I had a lot of time. At least, I had a lot of leisure time for my circumstances. To arrive home in the afternoon at 4 or 5 was already something new. However, then the problem was, what am I going to do now? It was still too early for the television. Therefore, I went for long walks and long rides (mostly totally alone) nearby and further afield. Firstly, I had to learn how to do nothing and think nothing. That is, stop working and totally switch off. My horse at the time, “Carioka” helped me in this. She was actually very shy and easily startled. Each time, when I started to think again, mostly, of course, about current business matters, somehow or other Carioka would notice. Subsequently, I understand what happened. A horse forms a certain partnership with its rider. Since the rider usually likes to say where he wants to ride to, he must be the boss of the horse. As an entrepreneur we usually understand this. However, you then easily forget that the horse expects a certain attention from its boss. Just like with the leading stallion, the horse expects the boss “to pay attention”. That is, recognizes possible dangers in good time and warns and protects the horse. This is the case if you are properly “taking notice while you are absolutely present in the present moment”. Then, weird, you also have eyes in the back of your head. However, you cannot think at the same time, otherwise, it is all up with paying attention. Thoroughbred horses are so sensitive that they are aware if the boss is no longer paying attention. It thinks that it has to be responsible for its own safety. You can already imagine what happens. At the next opportunity the horse does a jump. There was something on the right side, after all. Sorry, only a bird. You are lucky to still be on the horse. Therefore I learned quickly how to switch off properly, and even more important, to really pay attention and to be absolutely present while riding, at work and in my private live.

In this situation, you are also very receptive to intuitive thoughts. During this time I asked myself why it is worth working and arrived at the subject  of creativity in an intuitive way..



A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.

We direct our attention to the basic principles and contexts. This facilitates the generation of additional possibilities by means of integral individual office planning. Creative ideas and concepts of interior designers and architects and their effect on the health and capability of the individual and the entire team can be analyzed in advance using the Vital-Office® Concept.

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