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Dr. Jürgen Kuske (CFO): The effect of environment factors on the productivity in the accounting and commercial departments

  • How can performance-promoting environment factors be used and applied in the commercial departments of a company?
  • What improvements can be achieved by the specific measures?
  • Must the employees accept these applications for them to work?
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Written by 13 5月 2017 - 03:55:10

In order to be able to answer these questions it is important to understand how people think and act. We become aware of this when we realize time and again that all decisions are made and decided more than 95% in the subconscious and only 5% are made consciously.

  • Why is this so important?

In the accounting and commercial departments of a company we find predominantly rationally thinking people.

  • What does this mean?

Rationally thinking people and employees in the accounting and commercial departments are left brain dominated people. More than 80% of their thinking is done with the left half of the brain. This is important for these areas of responsibility involving Mathematics, Law, Order, Accuracy, Compliance with Laws, Regulations, etc. to name just a few.

As we know, our brain consists of a left and right half. If we describe the left half of the brain as the concrete and rational side and the right as the artistic and emotional side, then we can easily understand how people are influenced by the different sides.

We find right brain dominated people, that is, people who think and work predominantly with the right half of the brain, in artistic and emotional areas of responsibility. For example, this includes musicians, painters, all people who work artistically and emotionally, or who are very sensitive and described as artists.

  • How can we promote and use the right half of the brain?
  • What can be achieved with this?

In Feng Shui work is undertaken with affirmations, pictures, colors and water; this work addresses the right side of the brain especially. As a result, not only is this side of the brain encouraged and supported, but also a stronger use of the mental abilities of each individual is promoted.

Consequently, in addition to encouraging wellbeing, health and better performance, the productivity and creativity can be improved by greater use of the other half of the brain.

In addition to improved creativity, the greater use of the two halves of the brain leads to the often somewhat monotonous tasks, which must be undertaken by the personnel in the accounting department in ever shorter periods of time, being dealt with somewhat more creatively and easily, without the employee being consciously aware of it.

Since rationally thinking people often have difficulties in being receptive to these support strategies, it is important to introduce measures which can be comprehended in concrete terms. This can be achieved by the use of good furnishings with round and oval forms, flowers and beautiful pictures chosen by employees, in compliance with the Feng Shui rules and ideas as well as the integral approach of the Vital-Office® concept.

A beautifully designed office is the requirement of each person, irrespective of which group he belongs to, for a positive attitude to work, thus automatically increasing productivity and the enjoyment of work.

This is especially important at the present time where stress and high levels of pressure are on the agenda in the workplace.

Grant ourselves and our fellow workers a beautiful environment in the workplace and increase our options through the use and support of the knowledge of Feng Shui and the Vital-Office® concept.

Dr. Jürgen Kuske

MBA (IAS – Accountant, Rating Analyst, Controller, Betriebswirt)

CEO and CFO worldwide for OPTIMA packaging group

Doctor of Science for international Management

SMA Wien / European University Belgrad



A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.

We direct our attention to the basic principles and contexts. This facilitates the generation of additional possibilities by means of integral individual office planning. Creative ideas and concepts of interior designers and architects and their effect on the health and capability of the individual and the entire team can be analyzed in advance using the Vital-Office® Concept.

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比之罗列一个“待办事项“,我们更观注表象下面的根本及其之间的关系,这样才能在全面而具体地规划办公室时,找到潜在问题。本着 “提高生活质量,创健康办公环境” 的 公司理念,无论是对室内建筑师和设计师提出的创意; 还是对这些创意带给个人及团队有何健康上或工作效率上的任何影响,“活力-办公室”都可预先作出评估。

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