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Individualism in a system with classic, timeless lines and anthropometric structure. Representative elegance - a valuable and quality product of high quality and exceptional design in a timeless, classic and modern form.

For your best ideas and the right decisions You take responsibility for your decisions. Therefore you would like to work on a ergonomically and aesthetically appropriate desk. Representative elegance without being distancing is the character of this model. With its shape it follows up the history in design classics.

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Innovative, classic and at the same time serious, the executive desk in command design radiates tranquility, idea potential and Competence.

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Modern „Team And Work“ work-station for individual distinctiveness. Energetic combination of materials for the work surface with the slightly slanted aluminum rear panel and the elliptical molded column, supports the expression of motivation, lightness and stability.

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desks - Office design collection

Thomas Schopf and Peter Jordan designed the serie infinitydesign in 2000 according to the needs of ergonomics and Feng Shui. Within the last 10years many new enhancements and further developments took place.

The anthropometric serie bicon7concept is based on previous round desk structure called BIODATA from the early 90th.

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笔记本移动电话时候需要一个实际插件选项顶部所以可以快速 轻松地连接笔记本电脑移动电话隐藏里面充电器


模块化行政办公桌 circon 经典提供覆盖电缆桥架模压英尺足够空间电源插座 电源供应器电缆管道中间电缆管道访问
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2 基本结合
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雕塑是体系结构︰ 表类

凭借其明确的设计和其精细调谐的功能,脸是基地台系统的创新、 成功和健康的工作。样式的的一个明确的决定。 
简约、 酷和感官吸引人 — — 这些都是这种大胆的家具设计。 

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雕塑艺术建筑。凭借其明确的设计和其精细调谐的功能,脸是基地台系统的创新、 成功和健康的工作。样式的的一个明确的决定。简约、 酷和感官吸引人 — — 这些都是这种大胆的家具设计。关节突流引导视线和打开房间的空间。

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Item 3:

  • Ausstellungstisch neuwertig, zu Sonderkonditionen
  • Vital-Office Face cc1f01-a + cc4fb1-233l
  • Mit Hubplatte Ronde R06
  • mit Schrankanbau
  • in Echtholz
  • Hubsäule motorisch


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脸上-circon 脸桌子腿基础单位

Circon 脸基表的独特设计是完美的高贵的会议桌。基地的两个表都加入,如果更多的长度需要之上添加在中间。
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