ActiveLifeTrainer 健身场所

ActiveLifeTrainer 健身场所 (12)

ActiveLifeTrainer 健身场所

Elliptical under Table Ergometer with Bluetooth interface to fitness apps that you can easily connect and loosen with your office chair. Set pedal resistance and you can move and stay…
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Keep in motion - be healthy and fit - all while working at your desk, reading, writing, playing computer games, watching TV,  but also while chilling, surfing, playing games, eating,…
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What quality markers does activeLife Trainer have? Is this a basic home-use mini elliptical? Is it built to 'light commercial' exercise machine standards? Actually, despite its compact dimensions, activeLife Trainer…
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In der Entwicklung von activeLife Trainer stand von Anfang an die Bekämpfung von Bewegungsmangel im Vordergrund. Wir haben uns mit unseren Forschungsprojekten sowohl auf Primärprävention bei Büroangestellten aber auch auf…
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ActiveLifeTrainer - FAQ questions and answers: You have questions about activeLife Trainer™? We have answers! Worried about whether you are in good enough shape for a workout at your desk?…
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Congratulations on your purchase of activeLife TrainerTM1! Before you begin to use your new Active Motion Seating Machine, please unpack and assemble it. Then you’re ready to place it in…
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For thousands of years, human work naturally involved physical movement. Ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes are virtually unknown in hunting and gathering societies, but modern humans are…
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One internationally patented feature that’s unique to activeLife Trainer is the office-chair connection plate with its four openings. But what’s the point? Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that…
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Every activeLife Trainer comes equipped with a fully Android and Apple iOS compatible smart sensor operating under the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard. This makes it compatible with many fitness…
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Since 2012 numerous studies, including at German research institutes, have tested the effectiveness of our elliptical under-desk exercise machines and have shown that these devices sustainably reduce sedentary time. For…
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Christoph Leonhard, Ph.D. ABPP  is professor of clinical psychology specializing in behavioral medicine at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, LA. After…
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ActiveLife Trainer und das von uns patentierte Konzept zur Bewegungsförderung und Wellness im Büro hat ein beachtliches Echo in den Medien hervorgerufen. Hier finden sie Pressestimmen zu activeLife Trainer und…
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