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Vital-Office® Baubiology: ElectroSmog and healthy materials

It is proven that people sensitively react to exposure to electric fields.

The climate is also depend on fumes of construction materials and thus also invisible affects the health and performance of employees.
We perform measurements in the low - and high-frequency range for a healthy Office environment and advise on the choice of construction materials and electrical installations.

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Shielding against electric fields:

The influence of artificially generated electric fields on the human body is not yet fully explored, but there are clear indications that people respond sensitively on the exposure to electric fields.
Electric fields arise basically each not shielded power cable and socket that is connected to the power supply, no matter whether a device is turned on, so current flows, or not.
So, having selected any conductive material couples to "capacitive", without touching, to this field. This man also includes with its large share of the water. He is therefore under tension in the truest sense of the word. The closer one is on the cable, the body tension and thus the pathways comprised burden for our organism and the electrical means is higher.
Through the use of shielded cables, sockets and bulbs, the electrical alternating field is almost completely eliminated.

What happens in our body?

Expire every second millions of electrical functions in our body. All cells communicate constantly electrically with each other, they have a measurable electric potential. Tiny also measurable currents flow through nerve pathways. Brain waves are measured in the well-known EEG. These values are again considerably smaller, in the Microvolt range. We must constantly defend ourselves against these overlays and thereby create stress for our organism. A constant defensive struggle costs force that then elsewhere is missing.
Enough to it, the power cable from the computer by a shielded cable replaced if even lines are in the computer?
Shielded cables and other electrical parts that are inside of a metal casing that is grounded. Therefore, these vulnerabilities, it be replaced by shielded products such as the power cord (IEC connector) and other power cables and power strips.

How can you protect the laptop?

Since the laptop has usually no metal housing, it may be that arise on the laptop electrical alternating fields. These fields are reduced by a ground connection through the USB port. To we provide a grounding-type USB port in our shielded system Sockets, you can connect to your laptop via a USB cable.

How is it with the computer screen?

Today, almost all computer screens are produced according to the TCO standard for DSE workstations. Radiation exposure, facing health problems on the workstations, is relatively low. Typically, they are fine. However, the power cord must be replaced again by shielded cable.

What is with the pipes in the floor, and trunking?

Cables, which are laid in the ground channel of an office building, are typically shielded by the grounded metal housing of the bottom channel (ACC. to VDE). Parapet channel protects only a grounded aluminum channel. A plastic channel there is no shielding. The distance rule here is: you sit at their workplace in less than 1 m distance to this trunking we recommend the channel section by a grounded aluminum channel to replace. To be sure, we recommend to perform measurements by building biologists and technicians.

What can be observed on the desk?

Wood table top pair in electric fields an and this forward. Thus, electric fields, which are caused by a power cable lying on the rear edge of the table, are redirected to the front of table and directly to the people because working. Therefore, it is important that all of the cables and sockets are shielded.

Generate light electric AC fields?

Each light source emits electrical alternating fields. Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from a desk lamp or use only a specially shielded light. Non-shielded Stehleuchten are typically close to the desk are dangerous sources of emissions.

What is Wi-Fi, DECT and mobile?

Wi-Fi, DECT and mobile telephony UMTS etc is E.g. radio frequency and electromagnetic waves to very different types of radiation. This topic is very complex, which is why we recommend a trained, experienced building biologists and technicians, who will advise you and recommends solutions, how you can protect yourself against these waves, or how you can create reasonable remedies for a healthier working environment.


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