Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with the concept of Feng Shui. Only almost everyone understands something different by it. Almost everyone has heard or learned something different.

What is behind it and how do we deal with it? Different alternatively-orientated healing models and an integral way of thinking come together under the Feng Shui concept. It is therefore difficult to talk about Feng Shui as long as everyone understands something different by it. The question is: “What is someone looking for, if he is interested in Feng Shui?” 

Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. What is your perception?

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“What is someone looking for, if he is interested in Feng Shui?”

When you pursue this question we find 3 fundamental factors which build on each other:

  • Health .. is the first aspiration, in particular if you are ill. In the company it is synonymously about the recovery of a company.
  • Happiness .. is part of a development, which is about being in tune with the environment. In terms of the company, it is the proximity of the products and the employees to the market.
  • Fulfilment .. is authentic (creative) existence. Here, too, the company pendant is a living company which develops successfully in its way and offers the market ever new creative products and solutions.

Feng Shui means Wind and Water.

A simple association to perceive Feng Shui is:

  • Wind moves Water
  • Heaven moves the earth
  • Spirit forms matter
  • Thought manifests reality

Future is no place to go but something we create.

The paths cannot be found but we can create them.
And the activities doing this changes both, the maker and the target.



A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.

We direct our attention to the basic principles and contexts. This facilitates the generation of additional possibilities by means of integral individual office planning. Creative ideas and concepts of interior designers and architects and their effect on the health and capability of the individual and the entire team can be analyzed in advance using the Vital-Office® Concept.

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