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At the start of the 20th century with the findings of the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics, Modern Physics did away with the fixed Newton conception of the world. Matter is no longer regarded as static and passive, but as a dynamic active “bundle of energy” which is in a state of constant flux. The traditional concepts of time and space, of isolated objects, and of cause and effect have lost their importance.

In modern Physics the universe is a dynamic indivisible whole which always necessarily also includes the observer.

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In his book “Das Tao der Physik”, Fritjof Capra, physicist, system theoretician, philosopher and author, described very well the common ground of modern Physics and the Far Eastern way of thinking.

His work deals with the attempt to overcome the Cartesian division of spirit and body in a scientific way and to replace it with a holistic view of the world.

Given we are part of a whole, we are in constant exchange with our environment. Just like two oscillations which overlap with each other produce a new 3rd oscillation.



A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.

We direct our attention to the basic principles and contexts. This facilitates the generation of additional possibilities by means of integral individual office planning. Creative ideas and concepts of interior designers and architects and their effect on the health and capability of the individual and the entire team can be analyzed in advance using the Vital-Office® Concept.

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