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Interior design and decoration using Feng Shui at Jungheinrich Qingpu

PLUS Design | Jungheinrich Qingpu, a 38.000 m2 campus with more than 100 workplaces using Vital-Office furniture

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Written by 20 11月 2017 - 06:27:18

At PLUS Suzhou, we work hard to improve our client`s indoor working comfort. We constantly explore new ideas.

PLUS Design | Jungheinrich Qingpu, a 38.000 m2 campus, using Feng Shui in office design


PLUS delivers architectural and project management building consultancy. Our goal is to help you meet your building requirements with the best available solution, on time and in budget.

PLUS office

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a: Central Plaza, Tower A, unit 804, Su Xiu Lu 388, SIP, Suzhou, China 

t : +86 512 62953539 | f: +86 512 62953515


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